A bit about hypnotherapy:
Hypnotherapy is generally a less understood therapy.  However, interestingly it is one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy dating back almost since time began in almost all cultures.   It is often shrouded in mystery and feared.   When you watch hypnotherapists on the television, apparently making people doing things against their will, why would you choose this as a therapy?   The fact is that you cannot do anything you do not want to do when hypnotised.   Theatrical hypnotherapists choose those that want to do "odd" things on stage in order to draw an audience.

I use 2 types of hynotherapy.

You are in a state of hypnosis every day, several times a day!
What you might not be aware of is that we all drift in and out of mild hypnotic states all day long, every day.  When you have driven to work and get there and cannot remember any of the journey, that was your unconscious taking over and getting you there safely - a state of hypnosis!  Had a child stepped out in front of the car your conscious mind would have switched back on to deal with the danger.  

So that is what we do in hypnotherapy, we distract the conscious mind in order to access the unconscious. We do this by creating a very relaxed state.

1. Suggestion hypnotherapy

This works really well for habits such as smoking and nail biting.   It might also work well for anxiety over an upcoming plane journey that is causing anxiety or exam nerves.  The client, with my help, enters a deep state of relaxation known as a 'heightened state of awareness'.   In this state we have distracted the conscious mind.   This means we are talking directly to the unconcious mind that is better able to take on helpful ideas to change behaviour.

2.  Regression hypnotherapy
Here we are able to utilise the relaxed state to again talk to the uncionscious mind that could hold the key to past traumas and events hidden from the conscious mind.  Finding the root of the problem in the unconscious enables us to work with it either using further hypnotherapy or other psychotherapy techniques.   

Some common questions:

Can anyone be hypnotised?

​Yes, some people reach the deep state of relaxation of hypnosis (known as heightened state of awareness) very quickly whereas others may take longer to relax into it.​

How long does a hypnotherapy session last?

Most sessions last for about an hour.  The no smoking session and past life regressions will last for about 90 minutes.

I am worried about regression hypnotherapy​​

​​This is a natural feeling, we all worry about things we have not experienced before and what it might be like.   I will explain everything to you so you will know exactly what to expect.    You will only recall memories that you need and ready to help you move on with your life.  Anything that you are not ready to deal with you simply won't remember at this time.   Don't forget you will be conscious and aware of everything and so you won't go anywhere that you don't want to.   You can say no at any time and stop at any time during the session.​​

How many sessions will be needed?

​This is very individual.  Stop smoking only takes one hypnotherapy session.   More complex phobias, habits or other problems may take more hypnotherapy sessions.   Usually, no more than six sessions will be required, often less.  We will discuss this when we first meet.​​

Will I remember everything during hypnotherapy?​

​Yes, you will remember everything that you say when hypnotised as you will be conscious.  You will not do anything you do not want to do.  You will be aware of everything and can quite simply say no to any question you are asked.  Hypnotherapy is very safe and the only danger is it will not work if not done correctly.​

No smoking hypnotherapy​

​The no smoking therapy lasts for about 90 minutes.   You will normally only need one session, but a free back up session is included if required (not normally needed).   You do need to want to give up otherwise your mind will reject the therapy and it won't work.  For more information click here

Past life Regression hypnotherapy

This is if you would like to know who you were in a past life.  This session usually lasts about 90 minutes.   Anyone can be regressed into their past lives to differing degrees.   We will go back to a past life that might be affecting this one, we can find out why and then put those issues behind you.​  I only offer therapeutic past life regressions that will help you in this lifetime.


What does hypnotherapy work for?

I have found hypnotherapy particularly helpful for phobias, anxiety and trauma.  It can also be helpful as part of a CBT treatment for depression and anxiety disorders.   It is also very good for giving up smoking.   However, if you want to give up smoking you will still have to want to do it as hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything you do not want to do!   It also works very well for relaxation and sleeping problems (not snoring).


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