When selecting a therapy you want to know the evidence basis for it, has it been tested? will it work?  CBT is probably one of the most researched therapies ever!  Below is some of the evidence and information about it and also mindfulness.

I am a mindfulness practitioner and tend to blend mindfulness ideas into sessions where appropriate.   The vast majority of my practice is delivered online via skype or telephone.   I have temporarily suspended hypnotherapy, mindfulness courses and couple counselling as I am changing location.

Evidence base for CBT:


As discussed elsewhere on this website our biggest evidence base comes from the National Institute for Health and Care Exellences.  Their home page can be accessed here.


Whilst I cannot provide you with individual studies here (as I could fill several websites with that amount of information) the NICE guidelines give a good overview of the a lot of those studies.   Here are some of the main ones:


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - click here



for children and young people - click here

for adults - click here


Anxiety - click here


Social anxiety

for children and young people - click here.

for adults - click here


Generalised Anxiety Disorder - click here


Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) - click here

Which therapy is right for me?

This very much depends on your individual circumstances and is something we will discuss in your first session.

Evidence base for Mindfulness

You will find some mindfulness evidence on the "mindfulness page".  Evidence continue to grow all the time as more and more research is carried out.  


Mindfulness is increasingly being used in schools, business, as well in the NHS.  Mindfulness is a good tool for many mental health conditions such as depression and stress.  However, it is also increasingly used to promote good mental health. In the same way that physical exercise keeps you in good physical health, mindfulness is developing mental 'muscle' to keep you in good mental health.

Information about pyschotherapy in general:


NHS Choices - click here

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