Skype CBT and facetime CBT
Traditionally therapy has been delivered in a face to face setting.  In these overly busy days where chatting over the internet is now the norm, therapy can also be delivered this way.  In fact, a lot of my practice is now online.  Whatsapp, facebook messenger and skype etc is such a normal and natural part of your life now.  Therapy therefore will be as natural via skype or phone.  Online therapy makes it really easy to have your session in your lunch hour at work, when you are travelling, working long hours, are on the move, live too far from my practice or simply prefer this method of communication.  I have also found for clients that have an ever changing schedule where scheduled weekly appointment don't work this is can be a much more flexible approach as its easier to do therapy wherever you are.  For Sykpe we can use the video chat or not according to your preference.  Some clients prefer the phone.  If you are a busy mum being able to do therapy from home can save you time as you don't have to allow extra travel and traffic time.  

Feedback from my clients is they like the convenience, flexibility and being able to do therapy at home or work where they feel comfortable.   

Due to the relocation of the practice I am currently only able to accept clients who would like sessions delivered via Skype, telephone or secure video conferencing.  For all these options sessions can be delivered via your tablet, mobile phone or computer.   Therapy has never been so convenient !!

For those who might feel skeptical about this I am happy to have our initial chat, to make sure I am the right therapist for you, (this is not a session) using video conferencing or skype so that you can find out if this would be right for you.  You just need to allow 10-15 minutes for this and it does need to be pre-arranged so that I can set it up for you.

Contact me now to book a session or initial chat.

Does therapy via Skype or telephone work?

There is increasing evidence to show that therapy delivered via video (eg skype or facetime) or written word (eg email, typed sykpe) or telephone is as effective as face to face therapy.  

Results have been shown to be just as good and in fact people tend to complete therapy more often as it suits their lifestyle.  The NHS are now using telephone, written and video services for CBT therapy. I have included some research (there is loads more) below so you can have a look.


How do I book sessions?

Just in the same way that you would a face to face session.  Just go to my contact page and send me a message!

What are the costs?
The same as face to face, go to price list

Why use internet based therapy?

You can access therapy from anywhere.  From home, from work, from anywhere in the world and if you live too far away from me, then this no longer is a problem.


It means you don't have to rush home from work or even take time off. You could have your session in your office via your phone or tablet or even your work PC.  Increasingly employers encourage therapy to happen during and in work hours, it is, afterall in their interests to have you at work and well.


You can have your sessions whilst travelling whether on holiday or for work.  You don't have to leave your house even, therapy on your couch! (not that I have a couch!!).


For those who coming in to see me is just to anxiety provoking you have the security of either the phone or just using the written word by skype or email.


You can also use a combination of mediums (eg phone and skpe) according to your needs.


Skype CBT

If you don't have a skype account it is free at :

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