Stresses of being a parent:

If you have tried all the usual parenting techniques and feel that your child is still out of control it may not because of you.   Research has shown that there is a population of children that simply do not respond to traditional parenting strategies.  Non violent resistantance (NVR) programmes have a very good success rate at moderating the behaviour of this population of children.   If you are interested in this please get in touch and I will be happy to explain more

I specialise in working with young people from 8  to 18 years old.    We know that the brain does not reach its full maturity until about 23 years of age and so you could argue that the age limit should be 8 to 23 years old!!  In reality I can work with any age but this page is about young people!  

Young people are faced with enormous pressures these days.  Bullying no longer stops at school but follows them home on their phone via facebook and other social media.   Schools are under pressure to turn in excellent exam results and that pressure, in turn, is passed on to pupils.   Pressure to look "perfect" and fit in with others with whom they are too fearful to say they do not like or do not have similiar interests with.   Violence and crime that maybe experienced first hand or watched on tv.   Domestic violence and family breakdown.   This and many other factors have led to the shocking statistic that 3 children in every classroom have a mental health disorder diagnosed or not.

What I can help with:

CAMHS services are so overstretched and under staffed that they generally are only able to see the most severe cases.  If you are worried about your child please get in touch.   I can help with many issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, worry, low self-esteem, panic, anxiety, anger, OCD (recognised by your child carrying out either visible or mental rituals to keep themselves or others safe), phobias, tics, the effects of bullying and self-harm.  If you are on a low income please get in touch as I have some appointment available at lower rates (I will need proof of receipt of benefits in the last month).

CBT with children and adolescents
I have found that CBT works very well with children and adolescents.  They often grasp the ideas very quickly and are able to make changes that they find very helpful.    CBT is interested in the here and now and so for children and adolescents it can be really helpful to not have to go back into the past and instead find ways to manage things that are going right now. The only exception to this is work around traumas where there requires a certain amount of thinking about the trauma itself.  However, when working with trauma the first stages are about helping the young person to reclaim their life.

trainee therapy dog

Meet Gem.  She is a 7 year old Irish Setter and is my therapy dog. She loves to help children, young people and adults to be able to feel more relaxed in their therapy sessions. Contact me for more details

Daisy Therapy for children and adolescents

Which therapy should we choose?

In working with children and young people it is often helpful to 'blend' therapies.  All that means is using arange of different therapies to tailor an approach that works for each individual.   For example, using a blend of solution focussed therapy (building on current strengths) together with CBT is often very effective.

Daisy Therapy CBT Practice, Kent
Daisy Therapy, Rochester, Kent, UK

CBT that works

based in the Highlands of Scotland, but within reach of wherever you are in the UK via zoom or teams

Jane Watkins, BABCP Accredited Cognitive Psychotherapist

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for children, teenagers, young people & adults